Are any Seventh Generation laundry detergents safe to use on a goose down sleeping bag, comforter or jacket?

Seventh Generation's HE liquid detergents can be used on down items such as jackets, sleeping bags and comforters. We recommend that you use less detergent and do not use other laundry additives such as fabric softener or bleaching agents. Detergent residue is not good for the down; so it is a good idea to use an extra rinse cycle. Wet goose feathers have a strange odor when they are wet, this is natural and we suggest that you do not rewash the items; it will go away when your laundry is dry.

If you chose to use a powder detergent, it is recommended that you dissolve the powder to put it in the dispenser. This will prevent clumps of powder from collecting on the down items.

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