What surfaces can Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaners be used on?

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaners are suitable for use on hard, nonporous surfaces, including: appliances, bathtubs, cabinets, changing tables, children's toys, countertops, cribs, desks, door knobs & handles, fixtures, floors, food preparation surfaces, garbage cans, glazed tiles, highchairs, kitchen surfaces, microwaves, mirrors, ovens and stoves, pet habitats, shoes and boot soles, showers, sinks, sports equipment such as jock cups and helmets, stovetops, tabletops, toilet seats, vanities, walls, windows.

This list includes other hard, nonporous surfaces made from materials such as aluminum, Corian®, chrome, crystal, baked enamel, fiberglass, glass, glazed porcelain, glazed tile, laminated flooring, linoleum, metals, painted wallboard, plastics, sealed granite and marble, stainless steel, vinyl, as well as finished (painted, varnished) woodwork.

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