Is the cotton used for the Touch of Cloth Diapers organic or non-GMO?

Cotton is a commodity crop that uses many pesticides to grow and is often genetically modified.

It is true that cotton can be quite a resource intensive crop to grow, and we knew that going into this project. Keeping that in mind, our fiber specialist went to work to find the best, most cost effective, and environmentally conscious cotton he could find. His search ended when he met Lawson Gary of TJ Beall Co. Not only do they use state of the art technology to ensure responsible use of inputs during the growth of their cotton, but they use a truly revolutionary chemical-free method for cleaning their cotton. Not only does this method preserve the inherent softness and strength of the fiber, but it is the first mechanical cotton cleaning system that does not require water, chemicals, or process heat to prepare cotton for use by the consumer.

In addition, any waste by-product from the cleaning process is captured and used as cattle feed or fertilizer for their farm. From field-to-consumer-ready-cotton, the only landfill bound waste created comes from the cotton bale packaging in which incoming raw materials are delivered. It is in their future plans to determine a recycling system for this material as well. Though the cotton in Touch of Cloth ™ diapers is not certified organic, and thus we cannot guarantee that it is not genetically modified, we can stand behind the exciting new technologies that Lawson Gary is contributing to the world of cotton growing. We are excited to be a part of these exciting breakthroughs and sustainable advances in agriculture.

To learn a bit more about Lawson and his state-of-the-art mechanical cotton cleaning process, please watch the video on our Touch of Cloth ™ webpage here:

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