Are Seventh Generation products gluten free?

Seventh Generation does not use gluten as an ingredient in any of our products.

Our formulas are tested for gluten during the development of the product as well as on the final product after it goes into production. While our products are not certified gluten free, we test to ensure that they meet the levels required to meet the certification standard of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

While we consider the risk of trace ingredient contamination to be low, it may be possible if the manufacturing facilities use ingredients containing gluten protein. Our manufacturing partners utilize segregation, cleaning & sanitization practices to mitigate the potential risk of trace level contamination.

Our products are NOT intended for consumption, but for cleaning of surfaces and items around the home. The "Gluten Free" indication is offered on the label to allow consumers with severe sensitivity or following a gluten-free life-style to choose gluten-free products for their home.

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