How are Touch of Cloth™ Diapers different than your brown Free & Clear™ diapers?

Our Touch of Cloth ™ Diapers are of similar construction to our Free & Clear diapers, but with a few differences. The two main differences are in the back sheet and the absorbent core. The back sheet (the outer layer) of the new Touch of Cloth Diaper is made up of roughly 70% unbleached cotton and 30% plant-derived rayon fibers. The absorbent core in these diapers contains a non-chlorine bleached absorbent fiber made from wood pulp, which is white in color. This differs from our Free & Clear diapers, as their core is completely unbleached, and is brown in color.

Most diapers are composed of various petroleum based components and layers. In addition to using non-chlorine bleached wood pulp in our diapers, we are taking our next best step away from our reliance on petrol based components by embracing the use of renewable, plant-based materials. With Touch of Cloth ™, we have added a plant-derived outer layer that includes cotton that was grown and cleaned using sustainable practices.

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