Comparison of 4X and 2X laundry detergents

How is the 4X laundry detergent different from the 2X laundry detergent?

Our 4X laundry detergent is twice as concentrated as our 2X formulation, meaning that 50 ounce bottle will deliver the same number of loads as our current 100 oz 2X Laundry Detergent (66 loads).  This new 4X detergent is formulated with multiple enzyme systems to fight the toughest stains, so while it has the same cleaning power as our 2X, it actually fights a broader range of stains.

It shows the same outstanding performance on stains such as blood, grass and spaghetti sauce, and a faster and more complete removal of carbohydrate soils.  There’s also the addition of a new enzyme which helps to tackle stubborn stains such as chocolate pudding and salad dressing.

Also, the package for this product uses 66% less plastic than our 100 oz liquid laundry bottle, which is a significant reduction in plastic usage.


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