Are Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets recyclable or compostable after use?

We recently updated our fabric softener sheets changing the sheet material from the brown paper to a plant-based rayon material, largely because of improved efficacy.

While our new sheets are no longer compostable, our new soft white sheet itself is 100% plant-based. To communicate the high level of plant-based ingredients and our commitment to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels we certify our products with the USDA Biopreferred Program. This program calculates the percentage of plant-based ingredients with a +/- 3% margin of error. This means that the value you see on the package and on our website may be 3% less than it actually is. In the case of our new fabric softener sheets about 1% of the total sheet comes from a synthetic source, but we claim 97% through the USDA program. This is still a work in progress however, because we are continuing to improve this product and strive to make it recyclable or compostable by 2020. 

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