Do you use sustainable palm oil?

Seventh Generation joined the Roundtable for Sustinable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2008 and in 2009 we became the first household products company in North America to buy GreenPalm credits to offset all of the palm oil used in our products. Because there currently isn't a system in place to directly purchase sustainable palm oil, we are working to take the steps to get there.

We purchase sustainable palm kernel oil production credits to cover our company’s use across our entire cleaning product portfolio and pay a premium to producers of sustainable palm in order to support their work and to expand the market for greener palm oil production.

The purchase of sustainable palm kernel oil credits is only the first step in a broader strategy that will culminate in sourcing a segregated supply of palm kernel oil for our exclusive product use. Currently, the infrastructure needed to supply Seventh Generation with adequate levels of sustainable palm oil simply does not exist, so we have purchased credits as an interim measure while we work diligently to achieve our sustainable sourcing goal.

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