Are Seventh Generation products vegan?

Seventh Generation products do not contain any animal ingredients or byproducts. However, our products are not vegan certified.

We value and recognize that this is a deeply personal decision and offer the following information to assist you in researching this further and help you decide if our products are an appropriate choice for you.

Plant-based ingredients: Seventh Generation prioritizes the use of plant-derived ingredients over synthetic ingredients. These plant-derived ingredients are derived from feedstocks that are grown using standard agricultural practices including the use of animal-based fertilizers such as manure.

Animal-based ingredients: Seventh Generation does not use animal-based ingredients in our home cleaning and personal care products with the exception of beeswax, an ingredient that was used in a Diaper Cream we made many years ago. Please refer to the product label to know the ingredients in the product you have. Some enzymes may use animal derived feedstocks in early stages of their manufacturing process, however these are not present in the final enzyme preparation that is added to our products. Plastic materials may use animal derived ingredients in their manufacture and this is also true for Seventh Generation plastic-based products such as diapers.

Processing environment: Seventh Generation products are processed in manufacturing partner facilities that also process products for other clients, and some of those other products may contain animal-based ingredients. Our manufacturing partners have strict quality and cleanout procedures in place to prevent cross contamination. Additionally, many of our products are kosher certified. Please also note that processing aids used in the paper industry may contain animal-based components, for example from time-to-time whey may be used as a processing aid. Our paper products are made from 100% recycled materials, and we do not know how the original paper materials were processed that make up our recycled product.

Animal-based testing: As a proud member of the Leaping Bunny Program, Seventh Generation does not conduct or commission any animal testing of our products or their ingredients.

Packaging: To encourage recycling and re-use of plastic, Seventh Generation packaging uses some of the highest post consumer recycled (PCR) content in the industry. Much of the recycled plastic in our HDPE bottles (such as laundry, auto dish and household cleaner bottles) comes from recycled milk bottles. Recycled milk bottles undergo several processing steps including cleaning, processing into flakes and pellets which are then shaped into new bottles.

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